Thumbor Docker image for web performance

1 minute read


In the last few days I was looking for a service, which should speed up my company’s website performance. One thing I needed, was a image optimization tool, which reduces image size based on various factors (jpeg/png, size, quality, …). While reading Google’s Web Fundamentals, I stumbled upon Thumbor. Such a nice little service which can be used as a proxy (like varnish) to optimize images on the run.

After reading the documentation, I was quickly looking for a Docker image to play around. Sadly, there is no official one. I found two others: APSL and MinimalCompact which did a great job providing a Docker image and fullfilling my needs. Indeed, both images just work fine. But there is more.

Docker should be small

As for all in Docker, every image should one run one process (not running circus, which can be configured to run multiple instances of a process). Again, it just works, but it’s bloated.

After looking at the dependencies of both images, I made a decision: both images are good to go, but for my opinion, quiet to large (in size and dependencies). So I decided to build my own.

Finally, my first public Docker image arrived: mvhirsch/thumbor

It comes with the smallest footprint of dependencies I was able to manage (650 MiB instead 1.7 GiB). Still, there is room for improvement (like a planned alpine version of it). But I’m happy to announce a fully working, just scaleable Docker image. Feel free to contribute: