Stay Healthy

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In times like this it’s always hard to keep motivated and healthy. COVID-19 (aka Corona) is still spreading, some people might live in fear, other people just forgot the importance to keep healthy. Both mental and physical health is still important, even more important these days.

Video-Call your friends and family

To keep yourself healthy and happy, it’s important to keep in mind: you are not alone. Phone your parents and family members (brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, …) as well as your friends. We live in a modern highly-technologized world where calling is as simple as writing a WhatsApp. Most of you still know how to dial a phone number ;-)

But also consider using video-calls (via WhatsApp, Jitsi, Hangouts, Facetime, …). Seeing your family and friends will make you and others happy. Talk with them.

To all parents out there: your parents want to see their grandchildren, too. Please do a regularly video-call with them.

Training and eating

Stay healthy by train your body. Eat healthy things (like fruits) but also keep yourself happy by eating what you like (e.g. chocolate) - it’s still okay to do so! Maybe you now have much more time as there are many countries (and many more might coming) are locking down. Now might be the right time to get yourself into shape, let’s start by searching on Youtube.

Do something meaningful

Learn something new, like a new skill or keep what you love (like reading (ebooks!), doing arts, doing sports, …). Please #StayAtHome. There is plenty of online resources to get your mind and body in a fresh state.

And if you just want to be motivated, more and more artists are playing for you (yes you!) online: Youtube #TogetherAtHome.

Play with your kids, your spouse or other members at your home. Love them, they will love you, too.